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A Little Bit of History...

SoulFusionSeven are an extraordinary 7-piece funk and soul band that have been captivating audiences with their catchy melodies and soulful performances. 

​Formed in 2013 by the band’s songwriter, bassist and producer John Saltwell and manager and producer Paul Baker, this powerhouse ensemble brings together highly talented musicians from diverse backgrounds, creating a dynamic and unstoppable musical force. Led by the charismatic Tisha Monique, SoulFusionSeven are known for their tight rhythm section, vibrant horn section, and captivating vocals, all bringing an energetic chemistry that is unmatched.

With a sound deeply rooted in the classic funk and soul traditions, they infuse their music with a modern edge, resulting in a fresh and irresistible sonic experience. SoulFusionSeven's music is a seamless fusion of funk, soul, and Rhythm & Blues, characterised by irresistible grooves, infectious melodies, and powerful lyrics. 

Their original compositions pay homage to the golden era of funk and soul while incorporating contemporary elements, creating a sound that is both timeless and relevant. 

SoulFusionSeven's debut album, "Acquittal of the Ego” released in 2019 garnered critical acclaim and solidified their position as one of the most exciting funk and soul acts on the scene. Tracks like "Steppin up my love”. and "Slide” showcased their ability to deliver catchy hooks, tight harmonies, and explosive instrumental solos, all driven by an unstoppable rhythm section. 

Having performed at renowned venues and festivals across the country, SoulFusionSeven have built a reputation for delivering captivating live shows that leave you wanting more. 

With their high-energy stage presence and infectious enthusiasm, they create an electric atmosphere that keeps audiences dancing and grooving all night long.

The band's tight arrangements and impeccable musicianship ensure that every show is a memorable experience filled with irresistible dance floor anthems making each performance an unforgettable event.

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