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Summer breeze...

Hi Guys and Girls, September 1st, well that certainly crept up on us and quite a few things have changed since I last reported to you, firstly Summer Solstice Festival in Barnet was amazing, beautiful weather, beautiful people in fact thousands of them came out and a real party atmosphere was created. The performance for us was exceptional, a real pleasure to play to such a large and appreciative audience; it couldn't have gone better the girls looked amazing as did the rest of the band and we were told by the organiser Richard Weekes, we were one of the best bands the festival has ever had play there, that in itself was great to hear. The Brand New Heavies came to the stage and had a few sound issues but all in all they were outstanding, more news to come on the festival soon...

Following the festival we decided to part ways with two amazing people, singers, Joannie Joseph and Moses Ibrahim and we wish them all the success in whatever comes next for them.

So to August 26th and The Flitwick Lodge Rocks festival in Flitwick Bedfordshire Home of Roland and Ceara Taylor and what a home, the grounds were stunning the stage was set for a fantastic day, the weather was a little overcast but the energy was buzzing, great bands played throughout the day and we hit the stage at 8.00pm for our headline spot and were told by people who have seen us many times before it was our best show to date, so that's probably the last outdoor show of this year but look for many more next year :)

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